Re-discover the communication, security and convenience of Intercom.

In today’s society, the trend toward better, more sophisticated built-in electronics continues to grow. Kodiak has adapted to this need by providing a complete line of intercom systems with advanced features of video door answering and whole-house music distribution.

Intercom today is much different than the past. Homeowners are rediscovering the value of voice communications throughout the home as a reliable security tool. Monitor the babies room or talk with someone at the front door without opening the door. Multiple intercom units could help keep your family safe.

Today’s intercom systems are loaded with convenience and simple to operate. Check out the features:

  • Cleaner, crisper vocal and musical transmission
  • AM/FM tuning, music source selection such as CD player and I-POD’s
  • Hands-free answering
  • Monitoring or listening features
  • One button all-call
  • “Wake to music” feature

Ask Kodiak to help you design an intercom system for the needs, security and conveniences of your family.