Satisfy your expectations of listening comfort

Kodiak’s services are designed to provide a higher level of comfort and convenience
in all phases of home living. Installing a whole-house home audio system is no
exception. Whole-house audio is a simple blend of simplicity, automation and value.
Whether you are entertaining guests, tuning out your children’s music selection or
quietly listening to background music the convenience of whole-house audio is
adaptable to every room.

If your home, new or under construction, has a stereo in each of the kids rooms, a boom
box for the patio, a radio in the kitchen and one in the entertainment center you should
consider the benefits of whole-house audio. Kodiak’s whole-house audio eliminates the
need for multiple stereos while offering multi-zone and multi-source solutions through-
out your home.

Nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than enjoying music throughout your entire
home. Consider the benefits of whole-house audio:

  • Enjoy incredible sound quality by integrating with your home theatre
  • Link the receiver to multi-sources i.e. radio, CD, and TV
  • Distribute music to multi-zones throughout your home
  • Integrate wall or ceiling surround-sound speakers and volume controls
  • Customize your theater or office with projection systems,
    ambient lighting and wall mounted TVs

Kodiak offers simple, expandable, and powerful solutions for whole-house
audio distribution. Kodiak’s partnerships and alliances with several entertainment
equipment manufacturers provide many options to customize your theater package
based on quality, features and/or budget.

There was a time when the mention of bringing the quality of theater into your home
was unimaginable because of the expense. Not today. If you like the idea of quality
entertainment in every room, meet with Kodiak today to design an affordable whole-
house audio solution.