Prepare by wiring your home for the future. Today.

The rapid growth of new technologies for the home is ever changing. With the onset of
HDTV and satellite networked computers and multi-room audio/video, Kodiak is
experienced in equipping your home with the finest electronic wiring system or as we
like to call it ‘Digital Plumbing’.

With one centrally located panel, each module or electronic unit and outlet will make
integration easy, efficient and flexible. Kodiak will guide you through the process of
designing a system that is useful for today and adaptable for tomorrow. Essentially
‘Future-proofing’ your home.

Ask about Structured Cabling if you are planning on:

  • Networking computers with multiple Internet connections
  • Utilizing multiple Phone lines for Internet, Home Office, Fax or Teen Line
  • Integrating Home Entertainment and/or audio-video systems
  • Video Surveillance-Front door or Nursery cameras-view from your TV
  • Video Distribution of CATV/SATV and modulated signals, i.e. cameras & DVDs
  • Security Systems, Intercoms, and Home Integration

Plan ahead today and achieve maximum enjoyment from all your entertainment, home
office or security equipment.